The Impossible Quiz 2 Written Walkthrough
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 The Impossible Quiz 2 Written Walkthrough

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PostSubject: The Impossible Quiz 2 Written Walkthrough   Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:11 pm

Yep. I made a walkthrough for The Impossible Quiz and now the second one... also in exclusive word document form! Be noted that all the images that were created and shopped by me are not included in this version due to my laziness of now wanted to type the img code before and after each pic. Same with the first walkthrough! Razz Anyways, enjoy... like usual.

Written by: Marshall Smith.
Game created by: Splapp-me-do.


(I recommend you read the actual game instructions before reading this walkthrough!)

Walkthrough Instructions For Use:

#1: Smear retinas face first against surface of screen.

#2: Rapidly scroll eyes across screen, reading walkthrough appropriately.

#3: Repeat every step in order according to walkthrough.

#4: If a step is done incorrectly or skipped, you will be sentenced to hell.

#5: Questions in which are colored red indicate bombs. A bomb times that current question causing you to rush until an appropriate answer is chosen.

#6: All text in which is colored green is written into helping obtain a skip.

#7: All text in which is colored purple is written into helping obtain a fusestopper.

#8: All anger or rage from playing The Impossible Quiz 2 should be taken upon your cat.

Any questions? No? Alrighty, let’s begin!

Question 1: Up His Sleevies. (Everyone keeps their arms in their sleeves! That is if you are wearing a long sleeved shirt…)

Question 2: Paint. (Get it? If you want to build a GREEN house, you must paint it GREEN. Notice the words “Green” and “House” in the question aren’t connected; therefore meaning the word isn’t a compound.)

Question 3: Earth.

Question 4: American. (Break down the word “American:” A merry can!)

Question 5: Use your keyboard to type whatever letters Frank commands you to. (The words he tells you to type will sometimes change each time you play through the quiz.)

Question 6: 8. (The question is saying, “How many letters are in this sentence?” referring to the word “Sentence.”)

Question 7: Press the right arrow key on your keyboard.

Question 8: 10 Letters In. (Ugh, it’s just too obvious.)

Question 9: Click the mutative blob until he turns into a tadpole. (You easily can earn a skip on this question by clicking on the single bubble that slowly floats up the right side of the screen eventually.)

Question 10: Drag the words in the question “A penguin” with your mouse to reveal a green arrow. Click it with joy!

Question 11: Put the mouse on the green button and complete the maze by holding the mouse click and dragging the key to the key hole. (Be sure to not touch the sides of the walls and or attempt to cheat. The only Impossible Quiz cheating is allowed on is the first one, but only for the maze parts.)

Question 12: Fine.

Question 13: Lederhosen.

Question 14: Click the question number twice. (All the color coded dots on the screen can be dragged and placed over the white boxes to form a secret message telling you to click the question number twice. But now, that’s complete rubbish since I already gave the answer away!)

Question 15: A Backwards Dog. (The word “God” backwards is “Dog.”)

Question 16: Chris.

Question 17: A set of balloons will float up your screen. Touch the brown one with the mouse to continue to Question 18.

Question 18: Fly Sandwiches.

Question 19: Fusestopper.

Question 20: Click the switch then pop all the zits by clicking them as well. (You can earn a fusestopper on this question by clicking the purple zit on the ear which is slightly unnoticeable the first time around.)

Question 21: 30. (The question is talking about the FIRST EVER Impossible Quiz that was made. If you are thinking The Impossible Quiz was just that, you are terribly mistaken. A demo for The Impossible Quiz was created even before that, which contained only 30 questions.)

Question 22: Pink Clouds.

Question 23: Drag the circle in which surrounds the question number and drag it to the bottom middle square on the tic-tac-toe board. HOW clever!

Question 24: Space. (Look at your keyboard. Notice the SPACEbar is right below the letter ‘c,’ or as stated in the question, “Sea.”)

Question 25: When It’s A Jar.

Question 26: You run. You run so far away. (Explanation: order to view link, press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard then click.)

Question 27: Press ‘1’ on your keyboard.

Question 28: This Is Sparta!

Question 29: Put your mouse below the water spicket and search around until you find a gem. Click it! (Spread throughout the whole question, hidden bombs are everywhere. If your mouse rolls over one of those spots, the bomb will appear for whatever amount of seconds it is set to. If a bomb is set off, instantly click and drag it under the water spicket to defuse it. Also, hidden nearest to the top middle section of the question there is a green bomb. Once located and set off, let it explode, it will earn you a skip.)

Question 30: Click the ‘0’ in the question number.

Question 31: Drive down the M4. (Ok, this question may take some serious explaining to do. First of all, the sentence is a pun. When the question asks “How do you get 2 Whales in a car?” it is asking how you get TO (not 2) the city in England named Whales. The M4 is a serious highway that is located nearest to that area, and therefore to get to the City Whales, you must drive down the M4 highway.)

Question 32: Click the finger.

Question 33: Click the question number. (An “Arse” is another word for “Butt.” When it says the answer looks like a pair of bare arses, its referring to if you turn your head and look at the question number. Two 3’s next to each other look like 2 butts.)

Question 34: Click the “Death” button, it doesn’t REALLY kill you.

Question 35: Aim For The Face. (Well, of course!)

Question 36: Tequila. (Tequila sounds like “To kill her.” And that is exactly why the Mexican threw his wife off the cliff.)

Question 37: Since elephants don’t like mice, it is obvious they will do whatever they can to stay clear of your cursor. Move your mouse off the screen for about 10 seconds, in which an elephant will fall from the sky and sadly destroy his facial structure. (This is a follow up of Question 34 on The Impossible Quiz.)

Question 38: Rapidly tap your arrow keys in which to fill up the Mash-O-Meter bar.

Question 39: Put your mouse on the green button and complete the maze exactly like you did on Question 11, but without being able to see your cursor. (Though, there are tinted blue circles along the path of the maze that will light up whenever your mouse hits it to give you a good hint as to where your cursor is.) Easily click and hold the key, bring it back through the maze, and place it in the key hold to win.

Question 40: Toucan.

Question 41: Click the circle directly right of the word “Smallest.” (You can easily earn a fusestopper on this question by placing your mouse slightly above the bottom right skip to reveal it, and then click to add it to your inventory.)

Question 42: Click and drag the left worm’s raised arm over to the right worm’s torso to reveal a series of hypnotic pandemonium.

Question 43: This question has many different transitions every time you play it, therefore it would be best for you to play the first Impossible Quiz to memorize the answers. (And not to mention use my other walkthrough for it!)

Question 44: What You Say!!

Question 45: Click the second letter ‘E’ within the answer “I see…” then the letter ‘I’ within the same answer. Next, click the same letter ‘E’ you did the first time and last, click the letter ‘O’ within the answer “O RLY?” While you are doing this, each time you click a letter, it SHOULD show up right below the question in a tinted yellow font while an odd voice names the letter.

Question 46: Around Orion’s Waste.

Question 47: Universal Serial Bus.

Question 48: USB Ports.

Question 49: Use your keyboard to type whatever letters or symbols Frank commands you to. Though, just like on Question 5, it WILL vary between what you type one play through and what you will type the next. (When Frank tells you to type any character in which you can’t type on the keyboard without holding shift such as ‘?,’ just simply press that key, without holding shift. Therefore if he told you to type ‘?,’ you would really be typing ‘/.’

Question 50: Wait a few seconds and watch the dog gracefully as he frolics through the grass. Once he stops and bends over to pick up a bone with his mouth, repeatedly click his jaw to help him chew it. He will then walk a bit further and stop once again. As you will notice, a bar will appear on the right side of the screen. Rub the dog up and down with the mouse (Without holding down the click, of course!) until the bar is full.

Question 51: When you put the mouse over the word “Came” in the sentence above, the ‘L’ from the word “Last” will slide over to the “Came” and create the word “Camel.” Click it!

Question 52: Rub the lamp with your mouse until an obese pig genie squeezes out of it. (As always, don’t hold the mouse click down when doing so.)

Question 53: If you didn’t already notice, the letter ‘G’ in the sentence above looks like a curved arrow. Click the rightmost bottom tip of it to continue.

Question 54: Drag the mouse tail in which is located at the bottom right corner out and onto the green button.

Question 55: Pokémon.

Question 56: Click where it hurts! (Don’t make it seem like you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

Question 57: Four. (The word “Four” is the only answer given in which has as many letters as in what number it represents. BEAR WITH ME!)

Question 58: Press the spacebar.

Question 59: Take the letter ‘R’ in the word “Varnish” and drag it aside. Doing so will turn the word into “Vanish.” Aha!

Question 60: Repetitively click and drag the cat, pulling it downwards until you reach the top of its head.

Question 61: To Get To The Other Side.

Question 62: Edam. (There is in fact a cheese named Edam, which is also the word “Made” backwards!)

Question 63: Click the quality button in which can be found at the bottom right next to the skips that has the letter “Q” on it. (Q is obviously the 17th letter of the alphabet. Oh, and I almost forgot. You can also earn a skip on this question by pressing the letter “Q” on your keyboard!)

Question 64: Use the screenshot on the next page in which has all the differences mapped out to help complete Question 64. (One red circle = one difference. Click where the differences are. There are 6 total.)

Question 65: Goat’s Blood.

Question 66: Click every leaf attached to the what-ever-it-is to remove them one by one. (The three darker leaves attached to the necklace can be left alone, for they cannot be removed. Also, a fusestopper can be found by clicking the purple flower attached to the necklace.)

Question 67: This is possibly the hardest question of the quiz, so PAY MUCH ATTENTION!!! Move your mouse upwards to collect the invisible spray. Your cursor will then become invisible, just like experienced on Question 39. Instantly right click and choose settings. A pop up box should appear, just like the one below:

Click close, and then you will be able to see your mouse. What magic! Note: This doesn’t work for any of the other maze questions throughout the quiz. Now, take a left and head down the skinny path to the green button. Place your mouse over it (Of course, NEVER touching any of the side walls and or anything else.) and write down the secret code that will appear in the middle of the maze. (The code is 8275. You will eventually need this code on Question 100, but don’t worry, you have time, there is no bomb on this question, thank God.)

Question 68: Checkpoints Are For The Weak And Mentally Challenged.

Question 69: Click the number “2” on the bomb in the upper right corner once it decreases.

Question 70: Click Chris the cat and count (And or possibly write down) how many times he get’s nailed, battered, and beat in the face. (You will need this information later on, but please, make sure to count each time you play because the punch amount is set to a random.)

Question 71: 28.8kbps Modem.

Question 72: Violence.

Question 73: Repeatedly click the bush until it is trimmed into a beautiful eye on legs. (If you didn’t already know, the eye on legs was actually turned into a cartoon by the creator of this quiz… Splapp-me-do. You can view these master pieces by going here: ahead, browse his pages. You’re bound to be amazed. In order to view link, press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard then click.)

Question 74: No. (Disobedient, are we?)

Question 75: This is a continuation of Question 70. Like I said earlier, you had to have memorized how many times Chris got battered. There will be a set of cat heads with numbers on them in which you must click according to what happened earlier. If Chris got hit 12 times, click the 12; etc.

Question 76: AIDS.

Question 77: A Fat Bloke.

Question 78: Rub your mouse up and down rapidly over the handle of the jack-in-the-box. Eventually, an alien should pop out of the top and scare the living crap out of you.

Question 79: Drag the word “On” within the word “Dragon” in the sentence above towards the mapped out circle below.

Question 80: A Corpse’s Bra.

Question 81: Click the bird in between the hornet and toucan. (Second row in spot number 4 from left to right.)

Question 82: Click the answer “Obvious” once the bomb in the upper right corner switches to ‘3,’ ‘2,’ or ‘1.’ (Just like the sentence says, the answer IS obvious, (The word: “Obvious.”) just you have to think long enough before answering the word “Obvious.” You’d think 7 seconds would be enough, right? Well, good on ya mate!)

Question 83: Click and drag the center of the screen away to reveal an underground arrow. (AND a nasty little grub!) Click it to continue.

Question 84: Click the buttons in this order: Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow. (This was a reference originally from The Impossible Quiz.)

Question 85: NEVAR!

Question 86: Press the letter ‘U’ on your keyboard.

Question 87: The objective of this question is to map out and find the single arrow that will appear in the bunch of carrots pointing at an egg yolk in which is the correct one to click. It will only appear for a second, so be very observant and don’t get confused by the carrots’ arrow-like disguise.

Question 88: Do completely nothing, the bomb is a fake.

Question 89: I’d Have Thought At Least One Of Them Would Have Ducked.

Question 90: TL; DR. (TL; DR is a common internet abbreviation in which stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” Also, never read the paragraph shown on this question, because after a short period of time, a bomb will appear and you will be left with no time to answer the question.)

Question 91: Wait until a red target appears on the girl’s forehead, and then click. (Her name is actually Amy; she is a character from Sonic. Also, be aware that the timing must be perfect in order to work.)

Question 92: None – I’m on question 92 of The Impossible Quiz 2 L

Question 93: Click the words in the sentence “The Odd One Out.”

Question 94: Silence.

Question 95: When your mouse is placed over each person's head, a number appears. Click the heads in this order: -15.1, -4, 0, 2, 15, 15.1, 76, 151. (The movie screen will then open up in the middle and reveal a dead bunny. Eventually, after you have had enough, click the button that will appear in the top left corner to move on to Question 96.)

Question 96: Click how many lives you have down at the bottom of the screen.

Question 97: Click the letter ‘K’ within the word “Black.”

Question 98: 5.

Question 99: Use the mouse to hover over a total of 99 RED BALLOONS in which to pop them. Any other colored balloon reduces either one of your lives and or all of them!

Question 100: Press the numbers on the keypad in this order in which to turn off the universe: 8275. Then quickly click the big red lever hanging off the side to finish the job. (The only way you would have known what the code was into shutting off the universe was as if you fully comprehended my precise instructions given on Question 67.)

(The last 20 questions (101-120) are stated as “Chris’s Incredible 20” and or another words, amazingly difficult. Follow instructions carefully.)

Question 101: Type the alphabet. (Since this question is timed, I recommend opening notepad and practicing typing it over a few times. (Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.))

Question 102: Drag away every object until you reach Chris’s face. (Chris is the cat for all you people who have been completely not paying attention.) Click it to continue.

Question 103: Red.

Question 104: Swipe the mouse back and forth over every window until they are squeaky clean. (The use of a fusestopper on this question is ideal.)

Question 105: Drag the question number away and click the switch behind it.

Question 106: Drag the eye out of the worm’s socket on the left and onto the robotic legs in the middle. Then, drag the coconut in which the right worm is holding into the missing eye socket on the worm to the left.

Question 107: A question will appear that had already occurred in the quiz moments before. You must choose which answer box the correct answer was in for that question to continue. (It’s best to go over the quiz a few times and really get a good memorization of the answer box set ups. But remember, you DO have power ups in your inventory. Well, that’s if you followed my instructions, sir.)

Question 108: Complete the maze as normal by collecting the invisible cursor gel and continuing through the maze with the given arrows that will show up every time you hover over them. (Green arrows = correct direction to follow. Red arrows = incorrect direction to follow.)

Question 109: Graphite.

Question 110: There are sets of shapes that will appear. Your objective is to locate and click the red square for each round. Overall you are being timed, so it is very good to pay close attention.

Round 1: The red square is obviously to the far left bottom.

Round 2: The red square is in the top row in between a brown square and a green circle.

Round 3: The red square is in the bottom right above the skips. (Directly below the big red circle.)

Round 4: The red square is on the bottom row of shapes in slot number 12.

Question 111: Type “TEBAHPLAEHT” on the keyboard.

Question 112: Drag the container of cheesy fish mush over to the can opener and wildly rub your mouse on the circular twist handle. Once the container is open, drag it over to the cat food bowl in which it will pour out and into.

Question 113: Click the orangish color in which the question text is written in. (Third row, slot number 4.)

Question 114: Rapidly press the left and right arrow keys to brush the cat’s teeth.

Question 115: Caturday.

Question 116: Click and drag all the fusestopper parts into the correct shape coded slots.

Question 117: Question 117 has many different transitions. In order to memorize them all, I recommend you play the Impossible Quiz Demo in which all the transitions take place in. (The demo can be found here: In order to view link, press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard then click.)

Question 118: Don’t do anything. The whole question is a fake.

Question 119: A Frank bomb will appear on the left. Type each word on the keyboard in which he thinks of without making any mistakes before his fuse depletes. (Horse, Peanut, and Chihuahua.)

Question 120: Question 120, or also known as “The Final Question” has many, many transitions making it seemingly impossible to create a walkthrough for. But nothing is pure impossible but the word impossible itself! Below is the full list of Question 120’s transitions with their appropriate question number answers. Viewer discretion is advised. (FYI: This is the only question throughout the whole game in which cannot be skipped but only fusestoppered.)

Possibility #1: One question had a red question number. Which was it? The answer is 43.

Possibility #2: There are two "Frank Says" questions. One is on Question 5. Which is the other on? The answer is 49.

Possibility #3: Which question was Longcat in? The answer is 60.

Possibility #4: One Hit Wonder. The answer is 99.

Possibility #5: LOL. The answer is 69.

Possibility #6: Which is the second maze question? The answer is 39.

Possibility #7: Which question did Mars first appear in? The answer is 100.

Possibility #8: Which was the first balloon question? The answer is 17.

Possibility #9: Which question was the second Fusestopper on? The answer is 41.

Possibility #10: Burnt Face Duck. The answer is 56.

Possibility #11: Ponk Plucking. The answer is 66.

After Question 120 is answered, a completion award will be given and you will be graded on how well you did throughout the quiz. Good work, chump!


The documented form of the walkthrough can be viewed by having me email it to you. Tell me if you'd like to do this in a Pm or on this thread. Thanks!
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The Impossible Quiz 2 Written Walkthrough

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